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A Christian Perspective on Navigating the Internet, Social Media, TV, Movies, Music, News and More

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Let’s face it, navigating our way through the crazy world of multi-media, news & entertainment can be very confusing for Christians who want to be “in” but not “of” the world. What’s a proper Christian approach to all the aspects of the world of social media? How do I (and my kids) safely and wisely navigate the internet? How do I know what to believe and what to reject? How do I do my own research? What about all the types of radio, TV & movies? How do television shows manipulate me and my family? How do I recognize it? How should I view Hollywood? What about “adult entertainment”? Is porn okay if it’s just to “enhance” the marriage bed? Romance novels? Where do we draw the line? What about the News Media? Are they really biased? If so, what do I look for? What about all the different kinds of music? Is it okay for Christians to listen to secular? Where do we draw the line? How do I handle overload and burnout?

The questions are endless. In this 2 CD Set, Bob Dutko will address these questions and many more from a Biblical perspective. Bob has spent over 20 years immersed in the world of media, news and cultural communication. As an expert in communicating complex issues with simple clarity and everyday language, Bob will help you navigate all these areas of your life so that you can not become overwhelmed by it all, but can instead gain control over these areas of your life, equipping you to shape the culture, rather than being shaped by it.

Content Chapters:
  1. Social Media – Pros & Cons, Online Debating, Chat Sites, Texting, Sexting and More
  2. The Internet – Pornography, Trusting Resources, Researching, I.D. Theft and More
  3. Entertainment – Radio, Television & Movies
  4. Adult Entertainment – Consensual Porn? Erotica Novels, Gambling, Sex Games, etc.
  5. Video Games – Guidelines for Kids and Adults, Imagery, Interactive Games, etc.
  6. News Media – How to Process the News, recognize Media Bias, Examples, Tricks, etc.
  7. Music – Secular vs Christian? Elvis vs Today? Christian Rock? Metal? Rap? & More
  8. Praying the Media – Ways That Prayer Can Impact News, Media & Entertainment

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