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How to Walk Through Grief, Pain & Loss as a Christian

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There are many different kinds of grief, from the loss of a loved one, to the loss of a marriage, to the loss of a business, to even a limb. Let’s face it, grief is hard. Many people are unprepared for the grief they face or how to handle someone they know who’s going through grief. How long does it take? What’s normal? What’s healthy? Unhealthy? How long should healing take? What do I say? What do I not say? Will I ever be happy again? When? Where was God? Where is he now???

The questions just go on and on. In this CD, Bob Dutko will address these questions and many more. Bob has a unique insight into grief, not just from a research, Scriptural and investigative perspective, but from someone who’s walked through it many times, from business failures and financial ruin, to seeing his 3 best friends suddenly die (one from suicide), watching his mother slowing die in his home from Cancer and having his only daughter, Colleen, suddenly and unexpectedly collapse in his arms and die instantly at age 17.

If you know someone who is grieving some type of loss, if you personally are walking through grief of some kind, or if you would merely like to be prepared for when grief comes to you or someone you know, this CD will prepare and encourage you with biblical and practical advice, wisdom and insight to help you or someone you love come through this stronger and healthy with a renewed faith and trust in God.

Content Chapters:
  1. Bob Shares his Own Personal Stories of Walking Through Intense Grief
  2. A Biblical Study of Grief – Understanding & Encouragement From Scripture
  3. The Different Events and Reasons for Grief (It’s Not Just Death)
  4. Different Ways People Grieve – What’s Normal, Healing & Healthy vs Unhealthy?
  5. Suggested Helpful Hints – Practical “Do’s & Don’ts” For the Grieving Person
  6. “Do’s and Don’ts” When Dealing With a Grieving Person – Advice for the Friends
  7. When God Seems Silent or Distant – How Do We Handle This and Move Forward?

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