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Many Christians are hesitant to share their faith because they struggle with how to effectively communicate. They get tongue tied, flustered and often think of things later they wish they would have said. This CD will teach you some of the basic tips and hints to become a more effective communicator when engaging in conversation or friendly debate.

Bob Dutko is a Christian Apologist and an expert in the art of communication with over 25 years experience in various forms of communication. He has taught large training courses and seminars on the art of sales and communication, served as National Communication Director for Pat Robertson’s Christian Coalition in Washington D.C., and has spent over 15 years in radio. Nationally syndicated from WMUZ Radio in Detroit, Bob is currently the #1 most listened to Christian Talk Radio Host in Michigan, heard daily from Noon-4:00, and one of the most listened to in America.

After listing to this CD, you will be prepared and equipped with the tools necessary to communicate and debate much more effectively with friends, family, co-workers and strangers.

Content Chapters:

    Introduction: How “Debate” Can Be Good and Necessary

  1. Words – Tonality (Voice Inflection) – Physiology (Body Language)
  2. Believing What You Speak
  3. Keeping it Respectful – 1 Peter 3:15
  4. Controlling Your Emotions
  5. Knowing Your Subject
  6. Playing to Your Strengths
  7. Structuring & Outlining Your Approach
  8. Staying on Point
  9. Asking Questions
  10. The Art of Listening & Paying Attention
  11. Anticipating Responses
  12. Understanding Perception Variables
  13. Answering the Really Tough Questions
  14. Beware the Antagonist
  15. The Role of Prayer & the Holy Spirit
  16. Witnessing to a Stranger

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