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Apologetics comes from the Greek word Apologia, meaning “to give a rational or logical argument for a belief system”. Many Christians hesitate to share their faith with others because they lack the confidence to answer tough questions non-believers may ask. In this 2 CD Set, Bob Dutko explains in very simple and understandable language how to begin the process of becoming an expert at “Defending the Faith”.

Bob’s expertise is in communicating complex and confusing issues by translating them into simple, everyday language that’s easy to understand and remember. He has over 25 years of experience in communication, including teaching training courses in the art of sales and communication, serving as National Communication Director for Christian Coalition in Washington D.C. under Pat Robertson, and currently hosting the #1 most listened to Christian Talk Radio Show in Michigan. Nationally syndicated, he is also one of America’s most listened to Christian Talk Radio hosts, having debated the top atheists and skeptics in the world on the evidence for the truth of Christianity, the Resurrection of Jesus, the truth of the Bible, Creation over Evolution, God’s Existence and much more. He is also the creator of the popular Apologetics series, Top Ten Proofs.

After listening to this 2 CD set, you will be prepared and equipped with the tools necessary to become an expert defender of the faith with family, friends, co-workers or strangers.

Content Chapters:

Introduction: What is Apologetics?

  1. The Scriptural Case for Apologetics and Logical Arguments
  2. The Different Types and Styles of Apologetics
  3. The Role of Prayer and the Holy Spirit
  4. The Purposes and Various Applications of Apologetics
  5. Responding to some Christian Criticisms of Apologetics
  6. Does Using Logic and Reason Replace Faith and Experience?
  7. Simple Examples of Apologetics – Evidences for the Truth of Christianity
  8. Emotion Versus Logic & Truth
  9. How to Equip Yourself – Basic Steps to Getting Started
  10. Engaging in the Conversation – Putting Apologetics Into Practice

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